The St Catherine’s Catholic Community Group (‘CCG’) was set up in 2014 to help the school meet the requirements of the Plymouth Diocese religious education framework ‘The School as a Catholic Community’, against which the school is regularly inspected to evaluate its Catholic life and its provision for worship and religious education. This is in addition to the Ofsted inspection, which is about the secular non-religious work of the school.

Our CCG consists of school governors, staff and members of the Bridport Catholic parish:

Frances Guppy - Head Teacher

Genevieve Dickson – Year 3 teacher

Georgina Coombs – Governor, parishioner

Judy West – Grandparent of pupils 

Ethna Jenkins - Parishioner

Sarah Betts - Parishioner

Jessica Mugliston - Parishioner

Our aim is to develop the Catholic life of the school and maintain our mission to be a place where we “live, love and learn together” following the teachings of Jesus.

We are working to strengthen links with Bridport Catholic parish and beyond, so that our children feel part of a wider Christian community and to bring awareness of the life of the school to the parish, so that it is supported and appreciated.

The Catholic Community Group has the following as its primary objectives

  1. To strengthen the links between our parishes (Bridport, Chideock and Beaminster) and our parish school St Catherine’s. These links are two-way: parish to school and school to parish and we aim not only to get more parishioners involved in our school but also to get more children and families familiar with and involved in our parish.
  2. To seek out ways of involving more parents in the Catholic life of the school through Welcome, Worship, Witness, Welfare and Word.

So far we have:

  • Undertaken regular professional self-review and reflection with the senior leadership team, teaching staff and governors and targeted areas of improvement
  • Implemented a plan (including Nurture Breakfasts) to strengthen links with local community 
  • Surveyed staff, parents and children about their views of our school (2-yearly)
  • Supported the school in preparing for our 50th anniversary in June 2017
  • Developed links with various parish organizations (Catholic Women's League, Social Committee etc)
  • Been a positive forum for discussion and action 

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