The School Day


Children may not be left before 8.30am, top court is open for KS2 children from 8.30am


Key Stage 1                                                  Key Stage 2
Morning 8.40am – 11.45am                          Morning 8.40am – 12.10pm
Afternoon 12.45pm – 3.00pm                        Afternoon 1.00pm – 3.00pm


Illness and absences


Parents are asked to follow the following procedure when a child is absent from school. Please telephone the school to inform us of your child’s illness. On their return to school please send a brief note.

Give written or verbal notice of dental or medical appointments during school time to the teacher. Parents are requested to collect children from school for dental appointments etc., as we do not permit them to leave school during the school day unaccompanied.

The Governing Body are convinced that a child’s education is seriously harmed by missing lessons. At their meeting on 14 May 2008 the Governing Body agreed that from September 2008, except for medical emergencies, the Headteacher will no longer authorise pupil absence during the school term.